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Are you interested in writing for us? If it is, then this a chance to promote yourself. KenyaWashe is providing the facility to write for us. Our team welcomes you to write unique quality quotes content. Your contribution with us will encourage the community with the latest quotes of trends and activities with your combined information. Our team’s major goal is to deliver the maximum quality content for our society which loves the latest informative quotes. Given below the guidelines are shared with all the information and rules which is compulsory for you have to follow to start the article.

KenyaWasheis an affiliate blog that gives you information and an endless experience to know about different quotes. It consists of various blogs, articles and quotes and many more things. You will understand more about the top rated quotes by which you don’t aware yet.


Are You Interested In Guest Blogging?

We accept guest post submission. We build a reputation in the field of uploading quotes and we receive a lot of emails every day from startups, bloggers, agencies, organizations and internet marketers. Now let’s discuss what we are actually looking for, so don’t waste or kill your time by ending up.

We are receiving emails and submissions which are not related to our website. Kindly, just remember we are accepting all those articles which are related to quotes. The topics we are accepting:

  • Quotes about family members
  • Quotes about emotions and events
  • Quotes about technologies and electronics
  • Quotes about information technology
  • Quotes about gardens and planting
  • Quotes about marketing and business
  • Quotes about lifestyle and exercise
  • Quotes about software

Remember one thing this is reviews based blog. You need to write at least 50 quotes about the topic. If you don’t follow the tips then sorry from us we’ll reject your article submission.


Our Requirements/ Guidelines:

You got the idea which type of content we are looking for by reading the upper guidelines. Every website has own factors and guidelines to rank the website. Same as it as we also create some guidelines as others do. Here are a few guidelines to help you write for us and increase the chance of your article to make it live by us. Just take a moment to check the appropriate way of sending us your article.

We prefer the highest quality content and keep in mind that one thing it is not our task to edit your article for you. We accept content that is completely ready to publish.

  1. Poor writing will be rejected.
  2. Your article must match the superiority of other articles on our site.
  3. Article must consist of 1000+ words.
  4. Add two featured image in Zip file and size at least 720p (recommended 1080*800).
  5. Deliver content in word document format (.docx) .
  6. The article should be never published on any other site.
  7. Use a single link for your site and 2 to 3 links for high authority sites.
  8. It is our goal and aims to help feed and develop family content that’s why the product you are targeting should not be adult value.
  9. We don’t accept the articles which are against Google’s policies like adult and casino content.



Write your article by following these formatting guidelines:

  1. Break your sentences in the paragraph if possible.
  2. Use bullets list for quotes.
  3. Don’t excessively use of the bold and italic format.
  4. Use H1 for main heading H2 for the subheading.
  5. Use 12 character size for quotes or paragraph.


When you have done your article send us your article which follows all the KenyaWashe guidelines. If you submit your article by filling the required details then we will publish it after content passes through reviewing process.

It will take up to 2 days for reviewing it. Then we will touch you back with a live link of your content. So don’t waste any more time, write to us as soon as possible.



Once a guest post is published on our blog, it automatically shared to a certain social platform in our network. When your article is posted, it will be the property of KenyaWashe blog and only they will have the right to include or delete it. By sending us your article you are agreeing to the policy. Any type of Adult/Dating and betting articles will not be accepted.