Each individual has painful memories or minutes any way they need to carry on with their lives and go it through joyfully.  These are the hurting quotes for WhatsApp status for you to get more likes.

It’s not settled when distresses will come but rather whatever you can do is to confront it courageously. You may read these Painful statuses to know how individuals express their distresses and how it encourages them to diminish their agony. Here we put some heart contacting excruciating status by which you can demonstrate your dismal agonizing circumstance to your nearby ones. Numerous individuals refresh their online networking status by excruciating status lines because there they have companions who care and can feel it. On the off chance that you need then you additionally can impart your distress to your companions by this difficult status.


Below are the 150+ hurting quotes for WhatsApp status.

1) I Am Sorry For Felling Sorry.

2) True Love Has A Habit Of Coming.

3) It Hurts, But It’S Ok. I’M Used To It.

4) I Don’T Want Us To Be Strangers Again.

5) Think Before You Speak, Words Can Hurt.

6) Yes I Was In Love. But That Was Yesterday.

7) Broken Hearts Hurt More Than Broken Bones.

8) Love Is Not Free, The Price Is Your Heart.

9) My Heart Finally Said ” Enough Is Enough “.

10) I’M Not Mad. I’M Hurt. There’S A Difference.

11) I Don’T Want To Get Attached To Anyone Anymore.

12) If I Was A Mistake I Hope I Was Your Favorite.

13) The Best Relationship Usually Begins Unexpectedly.


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14) Someday You Might Miss Me ( At Least I Hope So ).

15) Everyone Who Doubted Me Is Asking For Forgiveness.

16) Hurt Me With Truth But Never Comfort Me With A Lie.

17) Be What You Want To Be Not What Others Want To See.

18) Be Sure To Taste Your Words Before You Spit Them Out.

19) People Hate The Truth. Luckily, The Truth Doesn’t Care.

20) Just For Once, I Want Someone To Be Afraid Of Losing Me.

21) I Never Feel Alone Because Loneliness Is Always With Me.

22) Forget What Hurt You But Never Forget What It Taught You.

23) Someday, Someone Is Going To Thank You For Letting Me Go.

24) When People Treat You Like They Don’t Care, Believe Them.

25) Better To Get Hurt By The Truth Than Comforted With A Lie.

26) I Can’T Tell If It’S Killing Me Or It’S Making Me Stronger.

27) Sorry Is Not Enough. Sometimes You Actually Have To Change.

28) My Feelings ? Oh ! Don’T Worry About Those, No One Else Does.

29) Boys Never Realize How Much One Little Thing Can Hurt A Girl.

30) I Don’t Expect The Best Of Everything, I Expect What I Deserve.

31) When You Hurt The One You Love, You Are Bound To Hurt Yourself.

32) It May Hurt To Get Go, But Sometimes It Hurts More To Hold On.

33) I Hate It When I Have Too Much To Say But I Can’T Put In Words.

34) I Cared Too Much, You Didn’t Care Enough. That Was The Problem.

35) Truth Hurts For Little Time While, But Lies Hurt For A Lifetime.

36) You Can’T Keep Hurting A Person & Expect Them To Keep Loving You.

37) I Remember Every Word You Told Me. I Can’T Stop Thinking About It.

38) When I’M With You, I Feel Safe From The Things That Hurt Me Inside.

39) The Last Thing I Want To Do Is Hurt You. But Its Still On The List.

40) Those Who Cry The Loudest Are Not Always The One Are Hurt The Most.

41) When You Can’T Remember Why You’Re Hurt, That’S When You’Re Healed.

42) I Won’T Hurt You. Takes 10 Seconds To Say It, But Years To Prove It.

43) The Only Knowledge That Can Hurt You Is The Knowledge You Don’T Have.

44) Sick of Crying, Tired Of Trying, Yes I’M Smiling But Inside I’M Dying.

45) Sometimes You Have To Forget How You Feel & Remember What You Deserve.

46) Its Not Love That Hurts. What Hurts Is Being Hurt By Someone You Love.

47) I Acted Like It Wasn’t A Big Deal When Really It Was Breaking My Heart.

48) One Thing Worse Than You Being Hurt Is Seeing Your Best Friend In Tears.

49) If They Keep Hurting You, Love Them And Stay Or Love Yourself And Leave.

50) Being Silent Is A Great Way To Let Someone Know They Did Something Wrong.

51) I Did Searching & Remembering, She Did The Disappearing & The Forgetting.

52) If You Are Stupid Enough To Walk Away Then I’M Smart Enough To Let You Go.

53) Never Do Something Permanently Stupid Just Because You Are Temporary Upset.

54) It Hurts Knowing You Tried Doing Your Best And It Still Wasn’t Good Enough.

55) The Fear If Being Hurt In A Relationship Usually Causes You To Stay Single.

56) I’ve Been Let Down So Many Times That Being Hurt Doesn’t Phase Me Anymore.

57) You Can Hurt Me With The Truth, But Please Don’T Comfort Me With Your Lies.

58) The Most Painful Goodbyes Are The Ones That Are Never Said & Never Explained.

59) Sometimes You Have To Take Your Own Advice And Apply It To Your Own Problems.

60) My Biggest Mistakes Is Thinking That People Care For Me As Much I Do For Them.

61) There’s always some truth behind: Just kidding, Knowledge behind: I don’t know, Emotion behind: I don’t care & Pain behind: It’s okay.

62) The pain is still there, the tears still run down my face, and my heart is still breaking.

63) I know I can cause you pain, and annoyance… but let me tell you this, when I say I’m sorry, I do mean that from the bottom of my heart.

64) Wishes there was something they could say or do to help you deal with all your pain but words and action are never enough.

65) I LOVED you for the man I THOUGHT you were. I MISS you for the man I WISH you could have been. I HATE you for the man you actually ARE.

66) Says that it’s not the heartbreak that kills you, the pain comes from all the memories that you have.

67) When you have lived my life suffered my pain felt how i feel only then can you judge me.

68) Don’t let the pain of your past effect the blessings in your future.


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69) It blows my mind how insensitive some people can be – I wonder if they don’t know the pain they cause or if they just don’t care.

70) It’s not always the tears that measure the pain. Sometimes it’s the smile we fake.

71) Love can’t be proven with poems, promises, or presents. Sometimes, only pain and patience can prove it.

72) Never let the pain from your past punish your present and paralyze your future.

73) Takes a big person to cause you so much pain and then realize and try to fix what they have done, they must be a little okay ??

74) Be cautious when playing the blame game, it usually ends up in pain !!

75) People who laugh the most have experienced the most pain.

76) The greatest pain that comes from love is loving someone you can never have.

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78) Chronic pain is one of the worst circumstances, it won’t necessarily kill you,but it will kill your life…

79) I have tragic news today. I’ve just been informed that T-pain has contracted Mer-AIDS.

80) The most painful love there is, is the love left unshown; A love that can’t be expressed; affection left unknown.

81) When will this pain end, when will the rampant fires suspend? Will the powers of tranquility render my soul beneath my skin?

82) Never Thought That Something That Brought So Much Joy Could Bring So Much Pain.

83) Each Time You Ignore Me, I Regret Every Text Messages That I’ve Ever Sent You.

84) I’M Not Perfect, I Make Mistakes, I Hurt People But When I Say Sorry I Mean It. ( Hurt Whatsapp Status )

85) One Of Hardest Things To Do In Life, Is Letting Go Of What You Thought Was Real.

86) Pain Changes People, It Makes Them Trust Less, Overthink More & Shut People Out.

87) My Pride Won’t Let Me Call Or Text You First But My Heart Won’t Let Me Move On.

88) I’M Not Crying Over What You Said, It’s What You Didn’t Say That Hurts The Most.

89) The Toughest Part Of Letting Go Is…Realizing That The Other Person Already Did.

90) You Can’t Start The Next Chapter Of Your Life If You Keep Re-Reading The Last One.

91) The Past Can Hurt But The Way I See It You Can Either Run From It For Learn From It.

92) Don’t Hold To Anger, Hurt Or Pain. They Steal Your Energy And Keep You Away From Love.

93) I Never Knew Until That Moment How Bad It Could Hurt To Lose Something You Never Had.

94) Learn To Love Yourself First, Instead Of Loving The Idea Of Other People Loving You.

95) Sometimes All You Can Do Is Lie In Bed, And Hope To Fall Asleep Before You Fall Apart.

96) Tears Are How Our Heart Speaks When Our Lips Can’t Describe How Much We Have Been Hurt. ( Hurt Status )

97) I Know I Never Even Had Any Chance With You But It Still Hurts Seeing You With Someone.

98) Seeing People Changes Isn’t Hurts. What Really Hurts Is Remembering How They Used To Be.

99) If You Love Someone More Than They Deserve, Expect You’ll Be Hurt More Than You Deserve.

100) Don’t Trust Too Much, Don’t Hope Too Much Because That ” Too Much ” Can Hurt You So Much.

101) I Wish I Had A Delete Button In My Life. To Delete Somebody, Some Memories & Some Feelings.

102) I Feel Scared To Fall In Love Again After Being Hurt And Its Kinda The Worst Feeling Ever.

103) I Don’t Hate You. I’M Just Disappointed You Turned Into Everything You Said You’d Never Be.

104) I Don’t Need A Perfect One. I Just Need Someone Who Can Make Me Feel That I Am The Only One.

105) I Can Forgive And Forget When Enemies Hurt Me, But When Friends Do It, Leaves A Deep Scare. ( Hurt Status for Whatsapp )

106) Words Don’t Have The Power To Hurt You, Unless The Person Who Said Them Means A Lot To You.

107) Every time You Hurt Me, Every time I Felt Pain. Every Lie You Told Me, Made Me Who I Am Today.

108) Seeing People Change Isn’t What Hurts. What Really Hurts Is Remembering How They Used To Be.

109) Sometimes Two People Have To Fall Apart To Realize How Much They Need To Fall Back Together.

110) It Hurts If Someone Tells You They Don’t Want You, But It Hurts More If They Don’t Tell You.

111) It Hurts So Much To Love You The Way I Do, Then Look At You And Realize That You Don’t Care.

112) The Most Beautiful Line Is ” But, I Love You “. The Most Painful Line Is ” I Love You, But “. ( Hurt Status for Whatsapp )

113) The Truth Is Everyone Is Going To Hurt You. You Must Got To Find The Ones Worth Suffering For.

114) Its Very Easy To Hurt Someone & Say Sorry But Its Very Difficult To Get Hurt And Say It’s Ok.

115) Don’t Show So Much Of Love On Anyone Because It Creates A Non-Curable Pain When They Avoid You.

116) Its Hard When Someone Special Ignores You But Its Harder Pretending That You Just Don’t Care.

117) May Be I Don’t Cry But Its Hurts. May Be I Won’t Say But I Feel. May Be I Don’t Sow But I Care.

118) I Wish I Had A Delete Button In My Life. To Delete Some People, Some Memories, And Some Feelings.

119) The Hardest Part Of Loving Someone Is When They No Longer Care And You Keep Loving Them Anyways.

120) You Don’t Get To Choose If You Get Hurt In This World, But You Do Have Some Say In Who Hurts You.

121) 80% Of Women Use Silence To Express Pain. You Know She’s Truly Hurt When She Chooses To Ignore You.

122) I Wish I Could Hurt You The Way You Hurt Me. But I Know That If I Had The Chance, I Wouldn’t Do It.

123) A Friend Can Hurt You With Words Or Actions, But Its The Worst When A Friend Hurts You By Ignoring You.

124) Sometimes You Can Hurt Yourself More Than Anyone Can Hurt You Just By Keeping All Your Feelings Hidden. ( Hurt Status for Whatsapp )

125) A Real Woman Avoid Drama, She Knows Her Time Is Precious And She’s Not Wasting It On Unimportant Things.

126) Feelings Don’t Die. Because We Keep On Feeding Them With Memories. That’s Exactly Why Its Hard To Move On.

127) Why Waste Your Time Getting Hurt By Someone When There’s Someone Else Out There Waiting To Make You Happy?

128) Breakups Hurt, But Losing Someone Who Doesn’t Respect And Appericaciate You Is Actually A Gain, Not A Loss.

129) Sometimes You Need To Know Your Place In Someone’s Life, Because You Might Get Hurt If You Expect Too Much.


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130) If You Are Hurting Tell Someone About It. Don’t Hold It In, Because It Can Destroy You From The Inside Out.

131) Don’t Be Upset When People Reject You. Nice Things Are Rejected All The Time By People Who Can’t Afford Them.

132) Never Let Someone Hurt You Twice. Giving Them A Second Chance Is Simply Exposing Yourself To The Hurt Again.

133) Its So Painful When You Given Your Life As A Gift To Someone, They Take It With Love And Don’t Love You Back.

134) If It Hurts So much Nothing Helps, Just Let Time Pass Right Through You To Heal You And Wipe Your Tears Away.

135) I Remember Him Not As The One Who Broke My Heart But As The One Who Taught Me How To Live With A Broken Heart. ( Whatsapp Status Hurt )

136) Tears Are More Specials Than Smiles. Smiles Can Be For Anyone But Tears Are Only For Those Who You Really Love.

137) Sometimes You Keep Someone Who Hurts You. Its Because The Happiness They Bring Is More Than The Pain They Cause.

138) Being Single Doesn’t Mean You Know Nothing About Love. Sometimes, Its Wiser To Be Alone Than With The Wrong Person.

139) Sometimes You Keep Someone Who Hurts You. It’s Because The Happiness They Bring Is More Than The Pain They Cause.

140) Sometimes Someone Can Hurt Us More Than We Really Deserve Because We Had Loved Them More Than They Actually Deserve.

141) when u loves someone, even though they hurt you nd break your heart, you still love them with all the little pieces!!

142) when I close my eyes I see U, when I open my eyes I miss U.

143) sometimes the person u trust most is the one who trust u the least.

145) People cry, not cause they’re weak. It’s because they’ve been strong for too long.

146) 1 hate the moment when suddenly #my anger turns into tears.

147) If U love me won’t you let me know..!!

148) One day u will realize how much i was there for you, when i’m gone.

149) My silence is just another word for my pain…!

150) I love crying in the rain. because when i do, no one can hear the pain.

151) The most painful memory is that.. when I walked away From you..!!

152) Pain is the only thing that’s telling me I am still alive…!